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Since November 2016, Dixon have been the dedicated Ground Handling Agent for Envirotainer.

Envirotainer are the world’s leading supplier of temperature controlled solutions for airfreight  .

Setting up as a GHA for Envirotainer involved the addition of a dedicated service and charging area.

All units are checked in to and out from our facility.

Detailed Quality Inspections are performed to ensure that all customers receive their units in pristine condition.

Our proximity to Dublin Airport makes Dixon International Logistics your ideal choice for any airfreight associated requirements.


“It takes full attention to safely deliver medicines to patients around the world.
As global pioneer Envirotainer© needs to have the right partner for ground handling services all the time what is an important aspect of being able to provide the high quality of services that are required.
In working with Dixon we found a strong partner that met all our requirements and the team at Dixon proved to be as dedicated as we are.
In addition, the establishment of the new ground handling facility in Dublin – together with Dixon – was one of the fastest and smoothest operations we  have worked on to-date”.
Friso Bakker, Envirotainer EMEA



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