Dixons New Truck and Drag Arrives

We recently purchased our first refrigerated combi truck to serve our European customer base.  The tractor is a Volvo FH 500 Globetrotter Unit with a 7.2m Schmitz Cargobull refrgerated body and ThermoKing TS800 Cooling unit, combined with a 8.1m Schmitz Cargobull Drag trailer with ThermoKing TR1000 cooling unit and double deck system. If has the ability to carry 2 range of temperature controlled goods and a total of 30 standard block pallets or 37 euro pallet loaded to the floor space. Both units have temperature monitoring via our TKtracking system and have been fitted with our Allock securuty system on all doors to ensure the safe passage of our customers goods. It is available to carry GDP pharmaceuticals, Chill and Frozen foods and ambient goods between Ireland and EU.  If you have an interest to avail of this unique equipment please contact us on 01-8075380 20170728_16060620170728_163720


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