Dixon Urges Customers To Make Brexit Plans Now

Dixon Transport is urging all its customers to make preparations for Brexit a priority to help avoid extensive border delays and stock shortages come 1 January 2021. Dixon Transport has developed a dedicated Brexit webpage to outline what changes will come into place in 2021 and how you can prepare now. View the full details at www.dixontransport.com/brexit/

The border requirements placed on the movement of goods between the EU and UK from Jan 1st mean there needs to be new processes put in place between businesses and their trading partners in the UK to ensure minimal business disruptions. Businesses in Europe will now need to make customs declarations when moving goods between the UK and the EU. If European businesses have not completed the right customs processes their goods will not be able to cross the EU border.

Dixon Transport Operations Manager, Brendan Dixon said “We are now fully prepared for any circumstance that may arise with Brexit. We now urge all our customers to fully engage with their customers and suppliers and together we can map out the process flow to ensure a flawless transition into the new regime.”

Key steps to start planning for Brexit:

  1. Businesses in Ireland need to engage with trading partners in the UK to agree a process and flow.
  2. Businesses and partners need to assign responsibilities for collating and processing the paperwork and necessary border requirements to ensure a smooth transition.
  3. All businesses need to check they have the correct paperwork for the goods being traded, some upgrades to commercial invoices may be required to include all required data.
  4. Create a plan in case of delays at the border and outline who is going to pick up the delay costs.
  5. Make sure that you have a valid EORI number


For any further tips or planning advice to ensure you are prepared for Brexit and the new trading requirements, please visit https://www.dixontransport.com/brexit/





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