Dixon Transport receives AA grade for its storage and distribution of food products

In a recent audit by BRCGS Global Standard for Storage & Distribution, Dixon Transport achieved the highest grade, an AA rating, for its storage and distribution of chilled, frozen food products and packaging.

Dixon Transport CEO, Michael Dixon said “Food storage and distribution is one of our specialist sectors and we are constantly looking at ways to ensure we are providing customers with the best solutions and highest level of service. Receiving the AA accreditation rating from BRC is testament to the hard work which goes on behind the scenes to ensure we are constantly providing the best solution for customers.’’

Dixon Transport offers comprehensive logistic solutions for the daily, temperature-controlled transport of food products throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

For further information on Dixon Transport’s food storage and distribution service please visit https://www.dixontransport.com/ or email Colum Aungier caungier@dixontransport.com for further inquiries.


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