Dixon International increases its headcount to meet demand

Dixon International increases its headcount Dixon International increases its headcount

(Left to Right)  Mihaela Bajdiu and Marcelle Baker join Dixon International 

Dixon International increases headcount by welcoming Mihaela Bajdiu, Dublin-based, and Marcelle Baker, UK based, to the logistics and supply chain team to help support the increasing demand.

The logistics & supply chain sector is entering a new phase that is driven by ever-increasing consumer demands and increased speed in technology. As an industry which is typically male dominated, Dixon International is delighted to welcome Marcelle and Mihaela to an ever increasingly diversified team.

Commenting on the new hires, Michael Dixon, Dixon International CEO said “We’re really excited to have Marcelle and Mihaela join the team at such a crucial time for us. We are typically a more male dominated industry and so it’s really positive for us when to have two new female team members join us at the same time.”

To shed light into the industry from a new hire perspective, we caught up new Dixon International hires, Marcelle Baker and Mihaela Bajdiu to chat about their experience and background.

Marcelle works in Planning and Administration at Dixon International Logistics, UK, and coordinates the movement of Dixon products by implementing procedures that efficiently administrate all transportation services, including preparation of transportation schedules, and plan routes.

Mihaela is a Warehouse Administrator and oversees the management of receiving, issuing, and dispatching stock, predominately working on a key account for a large pharmaceutical within Dixon International Headquarters, Dublin.

Dixon International increases headcount – Background

Marcelle has worked in administration for over 40 years, previously focusing on passenger transport.

In contrast, Mihaela is new to the industry and revealed she ‘stumbled across supply chain management’ a year ago when she first moved to Ireland and is loving it.

Success Stories from working in the Industry

Marcelle values the day-to-day successes in the industry, “It’s a success to get every transport vehicle on the road safely and on time for the day, which can be quite difficult due to unforeseen circumstances ranging from very poor traffic caused by bad weather or a road accident, to a technical issue or driver illness. If everything manages to run smoothly in a day, especially if anything like I mentioned occurs, I take that as a good accomplishment.’’

For Mihaela, it’s about being a good team leader – “bonding the team is an important success metric for me. It is important to bring people together and encourage collaboration and teamwork, as these are key to a successful business”.

Mihaela finished with, “I’m very proud to work for one of the leading transport companies in Ireland and where the work environment is really busy, and everyone has been extremely welcoming”.

For more information on Dixon’s services, please visit https://www.dixontransport.com/ or email Colum Aungier caungier@dixontransport.com for further inquiries.


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