25 New Scania Trucks for Dixon

Dixon International Logistics recently took delivery of 25 new Scania S Series trucks as part of a yearly refresh and fleet growth strategy. The new trucks, as with all other Scania purchases, came from McElvaney Motors. Company Managing director, Michael Dixon noted “A special thanks to McElvaney’s for their continued support and expertise on our fleet upgrades.”

The new additions to the fleet come fitted with the latest technology from Scania including their all-new side detection functionality.

This Blind Spot Warning (BSW) feature works on both sides of the truck for all types of driving and gives drivers maximum visibility of other road users and potential obstacles.

The BSW system is mainly designed to warn truck drivers of “hidden” cars when at higher speeds switching lanes, and it can also warn for bikes and pedestrians.  In addition, the Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning (VRUCW), on the passenger side is mainly focused on detecting cyclists and motorbikes, but also spots pedestrians which is very useful in urban environments.

BSW and VRUCW provide audible and visual warnings to the driver, escalated in three levels – yellow, orange and red. Drivers are alerted by both visual and audible warnings in the cab when a cyclist or pedestrian enters a risk zone near the truck.

Dixon International Logistics Fleet Manager Glen Morgan is particularly impressed with these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems features. “With the majority of on the road incidents caused through poor visibility or drivers experiencing blind-spots, we hope these new features will help minimise the risk of this happening in the future. Scania are at the forefront of vehicle safety and we are pleased to continue to purchase their trucks for fleet replacement and growth.”

Alongside the additional safety features, the S Series come with the latest in-cab technology and comfort including premium heated driver’s seat, electric roof hatch, additional storage both inside and out, an upgraded media system, a bigger bed, fridge, and microwave. The trucks are also fitted with new, compact leisure batteries for added comfort and reliability on the road.

“We place great value on driver retention and rewarding our drivers with top end trucks to carry out their duties” added James Kiernan, Head of Driver Recruitment & Trainer. “These new additions from Scania are very appealing aesthetically and from a comfort point of view. I’m confident our drivers will be very pleased with the end product.”



All of the new trucks are now on the road servicing regular business throughout Europe from Dixons bases in Dublin and Coventry.


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